Query R CMD check results and parameters




A check result.


A named list with elements:

  • package: package name.

  • version: package version.

  • rversion: R version.

  • notes: character vector of check NOTEs, each NOTE is an element.

  • warnings: character vector of check WARNINGs, each WARNING is an element.

  • errors: character vector of check ERRORs, each ERROR is an element. A check timeout adds an ERROR to this vector.

  • platform: check platform

  • checkdir: check directory.

  • install_out: the output of the installation, contents of the 00install.out file. A single string.

  • description: the contents of the DESCRIPTION file of the package. A single string.

  • session_info: the output of sessioninfo::session_info(), from the R session performing the checks.

  • checkdir: the path to the check directory, if it hasn't been cleaned up yet, or NA. The check directory is automatically cleaned up, when the check object is deleted (garbage collected).

  • cran: whether it is a CRAN packaged package.

  • bioc: whether it is a BioConductor package.